Bookmarklet: Get NDN/Inform Video IDs from Story


Inform/NDN video admins: If you are on a site's Story/Article page and it uses video players by Inform, aka NDN, this bookmarklet should give you the video IDs so you can easily search Inform to add the videos to your own site. Note: This bookmarklet may not work on all sites that use Inform video players.

How to install

Drag the bookmarklet below onto your browser's Bookmarks Toolbar. It will create a new bookmark there.

[Get Video IDs]

How to use

  1. Go to a site using NDN/Inform video
  2. Click the bookmarklet
  3. An alert will pop up with the video ID
  4. Copy the video ID number(s) you need, then click the "Cancel" button.
  5. When you add video to your own story using NDN/Inform's bookmarklet, enter that ID in the video search field.
    (To find the video in the Inform Control Room, use the Advanced Search and choose the "VideoID" parameter.)


var txt = 'Video IDs: ';
for (x = 1; x < 4; x++) {
    var player = 'ndn-video-player-' + x;
    if (aURL = document.getElementById(player).getAttribute('data-config-legacy-embed-url'), null != aURL) {
        aURL += '';
        var aVid = aURL.match(/VID=([0-9]*)/i);
        txt = txt + 'Player ' + x + ': ' + aVid[1] + ' ... '
    } else txt = txt + 'Player ' + x + ': None ... '
txt = 'Copy with CTRL-C: \n'+txt;

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